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Beris Gwynne and Associates operate on the basis of an informal action platform which optimises agility in the identification of opportunities, applying deep understanding of global development issues, demonstrating anticipatory leadership in mobilising collective intelligence, leveraging extensive networks across the sectors.  Core competencies include advocacy (persuasive, effective communication), brokering (for-purpose introductions and networking requiring high level representational and negotiation skills), and coaching (advice, on-call support, mentoring as required).  Principal areas of expertise include futures thinking/strategic foresight, innovative partnerships (relational, technical, financial) and accountability based on shared commitments to meaningful metrics and transparency.


“Incitāre” is the collective’s ‘motto’ – signalling (in Italian) a commitment to results-oriented advocacy and activism, initiative, determination and resourcefulness, to fulfil inter-generational obligations to leave the world a better, more prosperous, more secure and more peaceful place.  This commitment is expressed in Incitāre’s particular interest in the rights, needs and interests of the near-majority of the world’s population under 30.


Current ‘Associates’ include consultants as well as professional interns and volunteers who contribute to communications, administrative support and event coordination for specific activities, consultants selected on the basis of their expertise and alignment with Incitāre’s purpose and modus operandi, and like-minded organisations willing to contribute, as partners, in joint activities (including resource mobilisation).  Current partners include the Centre for Socio-EcoNomic Development (CSEND), the Relational Thinking Network and Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives, the Geneva Learning Foundation, the Global Social Observatory and George Washington University’s Centre for Social Responsibility.

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