IncitĀre International

We are a “global trans-national collaborative” of individuals and institutions driven by a sense of obligation, to use our time, talent and treasure, to make the world a better, safer and fairer place. Our standard is justice, not compassion. 

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is of a world where relations among and between peoples and states are not just framed, but are actually designed and implemented, using a rights-based approach. Our mission is to work tirelessly to inspire and incentivise renewal of sustainable development and humanitarian systems.

Our Work

Our shared experience tells us that, on our crowded planet, there will be neither prosperity nor peace without justice for people and planet and that doing more of the same faster – through private investment in unsustainable and unfairly distributed growth with possibly well-intentioned but hopelessly inadequate injections of “aid” – isn’t going to be enough.

Futures thinking invites us to revisit who we are as human beings and to re-connect with values and belief systems that build successful societies.  From this foundation only, can we re-imagine the purpose and nature of partnerships and channel our energies into technology-enabled investments at scale, phasing out the old and building a new “civilisation” based on respect for rights, mutuality and solidarity.

Measuring this transformation is the key to over-coming institutional and other forms of resistance – and it has to start with us.  There is too much talking, too much advising, too much consulting and not enough doing.

News & Events

The proposed Geneva Futures affairs

It’s a question that’s become harder to answer. What felt like a fairly simple triangulation between Google, brand, and searcher in the early days of the local web has multiplied into a geodesic dome of

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Global Futures Geneva Perspectives

Global Futures Geneva Perspectives: 2018 planning meeting for event (subject to funding) in 2019 on Education futures Education for life-long learning, life skills and livelihoods (E4L4) in the 21st century

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