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Impact Investing:  trickle down or transformation? At Regus, Place du Cornavin 7 (1st Floor) at 4 pm on Wednesday 1st May.

Many of the conversations about impact investing are built on a ‘Silicon Valley’ narrative of innovation, disruption and scalability. 

Start up and venture capital is allocated on the basis of conventional assessments of profitability, return on investment and risk – but this approach can lead to exclusion of marginalised groups and exacerbate inequality, as the “bottom billion” are often found in countries where the market economy serves the few rather than the many.

How do we ensure that the potential of blended finance and impact investing is harnessed to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs for those at greatest risk of being left behind?

Join TBN CEO, Reuben Coulter, Toilet Board Coalition CEO, Cheryl Hicks, Venture South International MD, George Petty, and otherDOTS Foundation Founder, Peter Lazou, and others wanting to accelerate access to blended finance and impact investing at the “bottom of the pyramid”.   RSVP b.gwynne@incitare-international.com by 29th April.

Global Futures Geneva Perspectives

Global Futures Geneva Perspectives: 2018 planning meeting for event (subject to funding) in 2019 on Education “futures” Education for life-long learning, life skills and livelihoods (E4L4) in the 21st century

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Humanitarian Futures

The Humanitarian Futures Programme was originally initiated at King’s College, London, as an action research programme based within the School of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s College …

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Innovative financing

Innovative financing refers to a range of non-traditional mechanisms to raise additional funds for development aid through “innovative” projects such as micro-contributions, taxes, public-private partnerships and market-based financial transactions.

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