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Beris Gwynne

Collectively, Incitāre associates offer comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience of the architecture and coordination mechanisms, systems and processes in place to address the complex issues along the relief to development continuum and to improve prospects for peace and prosperity not just for present, but also for future generations.

After a number of years in the Australian Foreign Service (with postings in Vietnam, Poland, Mexico and Nauru) and in the (then autonomous) Australian Agency for International Development, I have occupied senior positions in one of the world’s largest international NGOs.  Between 2008 and 2011, I was World Vision International’s Vice President for Global Accountability, also serving, from 2011 to 2015 as WVI Senior Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, leading a team of some 20 staffincluding staff responsible for health, humanitarian affairs, environment, advocacy and accountability. From 2006-8 I worked for the Global Water Partnership Organisation in Stockholm, Sweden and from 2000 to 2006, for the Foundation for Development Cooperation, an independent development and humanitarian affairs think-tank based in Brisbane, Australia. I have more than 20 years’ experience in advocating for changes in policy and practice on a range of issues in a variety of contexts.

Incitare was founded at the beginning of 2016, to provide a platform for the use of futures thinking or strategic foresight to create space for fresh thinking on global issues, identifying and investing in game-changing innovation in partnering, digitalisation and financing, and strengthening accountability to measure impact and incentivise transformational shifts.

I have a Masters Degree in International Relations, specialising in International Law and Human Rights, and a Graduate Diploma in International Law and am well positioned to draw on extensive and currently active networks in International Geneva (where I have lived for more than a decade) and beyond.


Aliyah Esmail

I love helping organisations build partnerships and communicate why they are important so that they can make a difference. It is what I do for Incitāre and what I have helped Beris do for the past three years.

I have experience with media outlets and developing and implementing communications strategies for multiple projects, with diverse audiences, including donors, board members and industry stakeholders.

I’ve worked in the Canadian government and in a number of NGOs as staff or as a consultant so I know that organisations in the humanitarian and development sectors are always two people and ten dollars short and that they need people to get projects done for less, which I have spent a decade doing.

I have an MSc in Global Health from Manchester University’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute and a Bachelor of Honours in Journalism and Film Studies from Carleton University.

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